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HungaroMet: 2009. január 10. 13:00

6th Seminar for homogenization - 2008

26–30 May, 2008
Hungarian Meteorological Service
Budapest, Hungary

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Proceedings of the Sixth Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in Climatological Databases

The Hungarian Meteorological Service and the World Meteorological Organisation have organized Seminar for homogenisation and quality control in climatological databases for the 6th time. COST Action ES0601, Advances in Homogenisation Methods of Climate Series: an Integrated Approach (HOME) was the main sponsor and co-organizer this time. This Action makes regular and planned development of the homogenisation methods possible. The seminar was an open meeting giving a good occasion for information exchange between the participants of the HOME project and other researchers of homogenisation community.